Categories of EMF Radiation

Two categories exist on this spectrum: Ionising and non-ionising radiation. Ionising radiation, such as nuclear radiation and gamma rays, is highly harmful and splits atoms.

Non-ionising radiation emanates from electronic devices and cell towers, including Bluetooth, WIFI, 4G, and 5G signals. Debate surrounds its safety, with some experts dismissing concerns, while others raise alarms. BON CHARGE EMF Protection Products shield against this type of EMF radiation.

Types of EMF Radiation

EMF radiation is ubiquitous, but we can add to the levels of EMF radiation in our environment by using devices that emit electromagnetic radiation.

Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Radiation – 0.1Hz to 300Hz

ELF radiation is often found in battery powered products and is extremely low energy. ELF radiation often stays inside the device or only travels around the immediate vicinity of the device.

To protect yourself from ELF radiation you can use products such as EMF Radiation Protection Phone Pouches, EMF Radiation Protection Laptop Mats and EMF Radiation Protection Blankets.

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Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation – 300Hz to 40GHz

RF radiation encompasses a network of different frequencies that transport signals over larger distances. Cell towers are often used as conduits to pass signals from one device to another over large distances. For example, a text message or phone call, 5G cellular signals and radio waves are all forms of RF radiation which must travel large distances. WIFI and Bluetooth are forms of RF radiation which travel shorter distances.

To protect yourself from RF radiation you can use products such as EMF Radiation Blocking Earphones. EMF Radiation Protection Laptop Mats, EMF Radiation Protection Clothing and EMF Radiation Protection Blankets.

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Should I be Concerned about EMF Radiation?

The potential well-being impacts of EMF radiation have been a subject of debate and ongoing research. Non-ionizing radiation, such as that from cell phones and Wi-Fi can cause sensitivity issues in some people. Oftentimes it can be better to take a precautionary approach to EMF radiation management by using EMF Protection Products.

Why Choose BON CHARGE for EMF Radiation Protection?

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