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pupillary Distance


Did you know that you will need to know your pupillary distance measurement when you have chosen your favorite pair of blue light glasses for your needs and you want to have your script placed in your favourite frames?

You'll find that when upload your script one piece of information that you will need to provide is what is your personal Pupillary Distance (PD).

If this is your first time finding out about this term and feel anxious not knowing what to do, we will guide you through the process.

What Is the Pupillary Distance?

Your pupillary distance is the distance between your pupils and it's always measured in millimetres (mm).

Your pupils are the black circles located within the coloured part of your eye.

What Does the Pupillary Distance Do?

The pupillary distance lines up the centre of your eyes with the centre of your lenses.

The problem with not having an accurate pupillary distance reading is that it could cause your prescription glasses to make you to feel sick, have blurred vision or get headaches.

How to Get Your Pupillary Distance Measurement?

The easiest way to get your pupillary distance reading is to simply ask your optometrist.

An optometrist will often leave it off the script they give you to prevent you from buying your blue light glasses online.

However, if you cannot obtain your pupillary distance reading from your local optometrist then it’s easy to be able to measure it accurately yourself.

How to Measure Your Pupillary Distance

  1. Start by standing 8 inches away from a mirror.
  2. Grab a ruler.
  3. Hold the ruler straight against your brow.
  4. Align the 0 mm of the ruler with the centre of your left pupil; you do this by closing your right eye.
  5. Look straight ahead.
  6. Now close your left eye, but open the right one.
  7. The line of the ruler that’s lined up with the centre of your right pupil is your pupillary distance measurement.

How to Get Customer Support Help

If you have any questions measuring your pupillary distance when ordering your BON CHARGE glasses, you can always reach out directly to our Customer Experience Team at to get further assistance.

Final Thoughts

It is important to provide BON CHARGE your pupillary distance reading when placing an order for you prescription blue light glasses.

We hope you found this easy tutorial easy enough to follow along and be able to get the number we need to finalise your order.

If you want to understand how to read your eye prescription you can do so here.

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