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Do Kids Need Blue Light Glasses?

We know the effects of blue light on adults, but the effects are intensified on children. With children spending more and more time on iPads and computers for schoolwork, the need to invest in blue light glasses is only increasing.

Too much blue light exposure can lead to several worrying symptoms for parents, including:


How Do Kids Blue Light Glasses Work?

Studies have shown that blue light glasses are highly effective at limiting blue light exposure. Blue light during the day can lead to digital eye strain and headaches which can interfere with your child’s development and learning.

Blue light exposure after sunset can disrupt your child’s sleep and leave them feeling lethargic the next morning.

BON CHARGE lab made blue light glasses help manage the harmful frequencies of high energy visible blue light during the day and evening. This allows your child to have the best possible tools to manage their light environment.

The Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids

Kid’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Our Kid’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses are designed to be worn 2-3 hours before your child’s bedroom. This allows them to do their homework, watch their favorite TV shows and use their smart phone without disrupting their sleep.

By blocking 100% of blue and green light between 400nm and 550nm you can be assured your child is getting the most optimal circadian rhythm protection before bedtime.

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Kid’s Computer Glasses

Our Kid’s Computer Glasses are designed to be worn during the daytime to help alleviate digital eyestrain, headaches and boost productivity.

With the increase in digital technology in your child’s school, their eyes are subject to more blue light than ever before. However, some blue light during the day is beneficial for alertness, which is very important in the school setting.

Therefore, our Kid’s Computer Glasses focus on removing the harmful spike in blue light found in digital devices and allow beneficial blue light through to boost alertness.

These precision-made lab manufactured blue light glasses will protect your child’s eyes whilst using digital devices during the day.

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Kid’s Light Sensitivity Glasses

Our Kid’s Light Sensitivity Glasses are designed for children who suffer from light sensitivity. Often referred to as photophobia, this sensitivity to bright light can increase the chances of migraines, eye strain and eye pain.

Studies have shown that light between 400nm and 455nm can cause eye damage. Therefore, our Kid’s Light Sensitivity Glasses block 100% of light in this banding, allowing for a pain free digital experience for kids suffering from Photophobia.

Your child can wear these glasses during the day when exposed to artificial blue light.

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Kid’s Biohacked Sunglasses

Our Kid’s Biohacked Sunglasses are designed to protect your child from harmful UV rays whilst allowing circadian friendly light through.

These lab made sunglasses allow beneficial red light through, have optics quality anti-glare technology and still allow some beneficial blue light through.

These incredible glasses allow your child to get the best UV protection whilst enjoying the benefits of natural visible sunlight, without damaging their eyes.

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